Angel BB Naija: I Dropped Out Of School twice

 Angel BB Naija: I Dropped Out Of School twice

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Angel BB Naija: I Dropped Out Of School twice

The Housemates were all warming up to each other trying to get acquainted as they each introduced themselves. The ladies were just brought into the house and the guys wanted to get to know them. This is why everyone took turns to talk about themselves. Angel, one of the female Housemates, narrated how her parents didn’t know she dropped out of school and how she spent most of her time enjoying life.



The 19-year-old lady said she has 11 tattoos and they are all personal to her. According to her, she is in the house for the fun of it, adding that she is a cool person and will easily get along with the other housemates.


When housemates introduce themselves, it gives the viewers an opportunity to get to know them better and in some cases, those who were judged or misunderstood immediately they came into the house become loved by the viewers.


Angel is one of the housemates who was judged by her first appearance on the show before getting into the house. However, during her introduction, she told her fellow Housemates that she dropped out of school (University of Lagos) because she couldn’t cope with school and reading was not for her.

She blamed her high school for her phobia towards going to school and reading because they were too strict with grades and this was a pressure on her.


According to her, she dropped out of the University Of Lagos after the second week but her parents never knew. She said she was just enjoying her life during this period. She told everyone that her mother was living abroad and that was why she didn’t know she had dropped out of school.

She went further to say that after her Mom realized she dropped out of school, she put her in a foundation school but she dropped out again. That makes it two times she left school and couldn’t cope with academics.

BB Naija star Angel has also stirred reactions among her fans after she posted some photos on her Instagram page. While sharing the photos online, Angel beckoned on her fans to shine their eyes and support her. She said she is very proud of them.

As expected, many of her fans have reacted to the photos posted by Angel. Many of them prayed for her, while others promised to support her when the time comes. The topic Angel BB Naija: I Dropped Out Of School twice has been trending for some days now.

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