BB Naija: Another Funny Video Exposing Angel Body

BB Naija: Another Funny Video Exposing Angel Body


Meet BBNaija Angel Agnes Smith, one of the female housemates for the 2021 big brother reality show. BBNaija Angel describes herself as a feminist who is fun, single and ready to mingle. Angel Agnes Smith is a female housemate in Big Brother season 6 (shine ya eye). BBNaija Angel is the first female to enter the big brother house after the female housemates were unveiled on 25th July 2021. The 21-year-old housemate describes herself as fun and somewhat of a drama queen. According to BBNaija Angel, she treats people based on how they treat her.



BBNaija Angel also claims she hates confrontation though sometimes she may be the source of confrontation. BBNaija Angel is an unapologetic feminist that hates it when people take advantage of her. Early life and education of BBNaija Angel BBNaija Angel was born in the year 2000 to London-based parents. She resided in Nigeria while her parents lived in London. BBNaija Angel studied at Marywood Girls College, Lagos, then proceeded to the University of Lagos (Unilag), where she was a student for about two weeks. However, she never attended any lecture during that period. BBNaija Angel studied in a secluded high school and underwent pressure from parents and school. According to her, to get an ‘A’ in Marywood Girls College, Lagos, you need a score of 96. RELATED NEWS: Angel BB Naija: I Dropped Out Of School twice BBNaija Angel dropped out of Unilag without the consent of her parents. While talking about her life in the big brother show, BBNaija Angel disclosed that she dropped out of university because of pressure. BBNaija Angel later enrolled in a British foundation college to study Mass communication but later dropped out. BBNaija Angel’s struggle with suicide and depression Life has not been rosy for BBNaija Angel. BBNaija Angel attributed her struggles with schooling to her mother’s intense pressure and high standard. BBNaija Angel started harming herself at the age of 14 and has been in and out of depression.

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