BBNaija S6: Housemates Share Heartbreak Ordeals

 BBNaija S6: Housemates Share Heartbreak Ordeals

BBNaija S6: Housemates Share Heartbreak Ordeals
One of the highlights of Day four in the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye house was the heartbreaking discussions among housemates.

In small groups, the housemates talked about their past relationships, Africa Magic reported.

Nini, Pere, Arin, Boma, and Beatrice, talked about their first heartbreak and Pere revealed that he had his first heartbreak with an older woman.

Pere also mentioned that he has had his heart broken three times.

Nini claimed her heart had never been broken as she said, “I can use any guy I want, they can’t use me.”

According to her, she leaves a relationship once she notices that something is wrong.

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In a chat with Jackie B and Jaypaul, Arin narrated how her ex defrauded her during their two-year relationship.

She explained that her ex scammed her when she wanted to buy a car and when she found out, she got him locked up.

Jackie B revealed that she does not believe in the concept of an ex. According to her, when a relationship ends, the guys cease to exist in her life.

She also aired her position on personal space, stating that she is okay with a couple having separate bedrooms within the home.

In agreement with this, Jaypaul claimed that his grandparents had different rooms but were so in love with each other which led to his grandfather’s death few months after his grandmother’s passing.

As the conversation moved to the lounge, Tega shared her shocking experience with an ex.

She revealed that she found out that he was married few days after they met for the last time.

According to her, she had accompanied him to get decorations which turned out to be for his nuptials with someone else.

BBNaija S6: Housemates Share Heartbreak Ordeals topic will not be complete without talking about Maria. Recall that Maria has now been named as ‘Marudites’, being one of the first recognized fan bases in the season six edition.

This was announced via Maria’s Twitter handle, @Mariachike, on Monday morning, Day two of the BBNaija season six.

According to the tweet, the Marudites represent people that are knowledgeable, beautiful, and loving.

“It’s official fam! We are Marudites. We coined this from ‘Maria’, ‘erudite’, and aphrodite. So basically, it represents knowledgeable, loving, and beautiful people,” the tweet read.



Many fans are excited about their new name as they even introduced a blue butterfly as their symbol.

However, this decision did not go well with some of the fans as they have taken to Twitter to reject the name.

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