Columbus Crew playoff hopes keep slipping

 Columbus Crew playoff hopes keep slipping

Columbus Crew playoff hopes keep slipping

Columbus Crew playoff hopes keep slipping

Playoff hopes keep slipping, Lack of urgency in Crew’s loss to Miami

The hopes of the Crews and their supporters is on a hanging wedge after they trailed 1-0 in a crucial match against Inter Miami. They conceded early in the 16th minute of the first half of the game. Their opponent had one point behind them but were ahead of them in points per game. Of all the games on their schedule, they consider this the most important.

They had one opportunity of getting an equalizer but the goal didn’t come. The rest of the game was just a show of above average defense and low quality offense. The loss further pushed them away from the playoff line trailing by four points. They are now left with 6 home and 4 away games to play. Currently, they are placed 10th on the table.

Columbus Crew playoff hopes keep slipping

Columbus Crew playoff hopes keep slipping
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A closer look at the league table will tell you how competitive it is this season. Philadelphia Union who placed 5th on the table leads the Crews by only 5 points. However, the teams separating them have at least a game in hand.

The Crews’ coach believes that it is not over when speaking to the press. He confirmed it was the most challenging performance of the season siting they outplayed Inter Miami in various ways. He was not far from the truth when you observe the match from other statistics of the game. The Crews held the highest match possession and we didn’t see a single shot away in the second half of the game. They however only focused on the defensive aspect and when it comes to creating chances on a goal, they lacked in that department.


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Caleb porter also talked about the high expectations of supporters. He said that his experience so far has taught him that you can’t accurately predict what will happen in the league. They just have to take each games as it comes.

Inter Miami’s records so far is not bad as they only lost a match out of their last nine games. There is need for them to feel pressured but judging from the teams like New England, Philadelphia, Nashville and D.C. United on Columbus Crews’ schedule, the Crews may drop points.

Columbus Crew playoff hopes keep slipping

Columbus Crew playoff hopes keep slipping
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Columbus Crews have some players missing action. Their left back, starting striker and another spectacular attacker were not present in the match. These three were present in their match against Orlando when they pulled a comeback from a 2-goal deficit. Without the trio, they struggled against Inter Miami and lacked the connection to penetrate their defense.

Even though the Crews’ lacked the cutting edge they needed to overcome Inter Miami, many will agree with the Crews’ coach that luck wasn’t on their side. Derrick Etienne’s shot attempt on the box on the 19th minute of the game and William’s 69th minute header was an opportunity they could have capitalized with.

The Crews’ midfield wasn’t solid as we saw Lucas Zelarayan lose 12 out of 17 duels even though he connected 82% of his passes. He struggled in the game and was frustrated in the 17th minute of the second half when he lost a crucial chance at assisting or even scoring. He was carefully dispossessed by Inter Miami’s defender, Break Shea.

All hope is not lost but it is slowly dwindling. Coach porter thinks his team will be at their best if the wingers create more chances. He also mentioned the deficiencies of their winger, Pedro Santos who played too low and forced passes according to him.

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