Milwaukee combines for MLB

 Milwaukee combines for MLB

Brewers’ Burnes, Hader combine for MLB record 9th no-hitter

Milwaukee combines for MLB-record 9th no-hitter

Milwaukee Brewers’ Corbin Burnes, Josh Hader combine for MLB’s record ninth no-hitter

Corbin Burnes and Josh Hader put up a wonderful performance to achieve a combined MLB’s record ninth no-hitter. Even with their impressive performance this season, no one saw it coming for the duo. The Brewers’ pitchers on Saturday night broke a mark set since 1884 (the year pitchers began throwing overhand) during their 3-0 win against Cleveland Indians.

This achievement came months after Major League Baseball’s crackdown on the use of illegal/foreign substances by pitchers. The association was concerned on continuous recorded no-hitter earlier this season. It is also an important record for Milwaukee Brewers who now have their second no-hitter in their team history.
Milwaukee Brewers’ manager, Craig Counsell was overjoyed on speaking to the press. He expressed his confidence in the team and was quick to call the performance a masterpiece.

Milwaukee combines for MLB

Milwaukee combines for MLB-record 9th no-hitter
Sep 11, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Josh Hader (71) and starting pitcher Corbin Burnes (39) celebrate after the Brewers threw a combined no-hitter in a win against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Corbin Burnes’ record speaks for itself. He took a perfect game into the seventh on a struck out 14 with 115 career-high pitches over a whooping eight innings. It was a yet a bad day for the the Indians who were humiliated for the third time in 2021 for a no-hit. It was quite a bad day in the office for Zach Plesac who started on the mound for Cleveland Indians.


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Corbin Burnes’ praised his teammate, Josh Hader. He admitted that there are other great pitchers but if he was asked to select anyone for a ninth, he would always pick Josh Hader. He also emphasized Hader’s zeal and morale and called it a done deal whenever he plays.

What marvelled everyone was how Hader turned the pressure around after being booed by the Progressive Field crowd when he came in on the ninth. He outsmarted Oscar Mercado with powerful strike to start the inning. As if that was not enough, he helped snapped victory by making Straw to swing at a pitch in the dirt for his 31st save.

The first time Milwaukee Brewers recorded their first no-hitter was on 15th April, 1987. Juan Nieves was the hero for the Brewers at Baltimore. Many people will hold Burns’ achievement to high prestige owing to the fact that his no-hitter for the season came after the MLB crackdown on the use of sticky illegal substances by pitchers since June. Burns even bragged a little about it by saying that it was a fair one to get a no-hitter in the books.

Milwaukee combines for MLB

Milwaukee combines for MLB-record 9th no-hitter
Milwaukee combines for MLB-record 9th no-hitter

Indians’ interim manager, DeMarlo Hale concured to this because he did not give any excuse concerning the loss. However, he was quick to come up with decent conceding statements. He talked about accepting and dealing with the situation. He emphasized that no-hitters is just a loss and they have to move on and prepare to be better even though they conceded three no-hitters. He also talked about the competition and how he doesn’t have any answer for the no-hitters. They only have to move on.

One would only be sorry for Plesac from Cleveland Indians. I think he is quite talented to be on the losing end of three no-hitters. The loss got the better of him and he didn’t waste time pouring his heart on how he felt about the situation. He questioned whether it was him or someone else saying that he doesn’t know if the whole thing made sense to him. Out or six innings, Plesac earned two runs, allowing three.

The Cy young award is almost by the corner and Burns has been one of the favorites to bag the award. Even Straw thinks he will definitely get the most votes. His statement about his domination will have you believe Burns have no contender.

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