Texans want 6 players

 Texans want 6 players

Texans want six pieces in exchange for Deshaun Watson

Texans want 6 players

Texans want a combination of 6 players as draft picks in Deshaun Watson trade

The Houston Texans are reportedly looking for a Deshaun Watson trade package that includes six players and two draft picks, according to MMQBs Albert Breer. The team is looking to get the best deal possible in order to make sure they don’t end up regretting not drafting him.    

They want a player like Watson because he can do both: play at an elite level on offense while also being reliable defensively. 

Texans want 6 players

exans want 6 players
Texans still want too much for Deshaun Watson

He has shown great leadership skills and his potential would be huge for the Texans organization if they could eventually secure him as their QB of the future.

Nick Caserio’s asking price for quarterback Deshaun Watson has not changed since early summer, and it appears to be a high figure.

But despite the high price tag, teams have expressed interest in trading for Watson. It’s not clear if he’ll be able to get a trade because of his legal situation or not according to Schefter- but that hasn’t stopped him from asking!

Watson asking price has remained constant

Watson’s year has been a difficult one. It’s been reported that the NFL player is being investigated for a series of sexual assault and misconduct allegations – which could lead to criminal charges or fines from both his professional league and an independent commission that regulates such issues in US sports culture at large (if not more). According to reports in March 2019, he may also face punishment outside of those two spheres, as 22 civil lawsuits relating to these events have been filed since before the most recent controversy erupted on social media platforms in October 2017.


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Deshaun Watson’s relationship with the Texans was already strained before all of this came to light. When they hired David Culley as head coach last season, they did not listen to or trust Deshawn about any gameplay-related decisions, which was a huge disappointment considering where things were just months prior after trading away DeAndre Hopkins for nothing but a conditional draft pick (which turned out pretty badly).

Prior to the allegations of sexual assault against Watson, Caserio wanted him to get out of Houston but it appears that his asking price has not changed. Teams are still looking at a possible trade for him as reported by ESPN and NFL Network last week after being contacted about trading even before these serious charges came up. A potential deal could include Philadelphia Eagles’ or Dolphins.

Texans want 6 players

Texans want 6 players
Houston Texans want combination of 6 players or draft picks in Deshaun Watson trade

However, no one has yet taken the bait. And that makes sense, given Watson’s baggage and Caserio’s reported asking price. It appears that the Texans are not willing to lower their prices. They appear to be happy with their current strategy, which is to keep Watson on the roster without playing him at all this season while they wait for a team to meet their asking price.

Watson  Denied all Allegation Against Him

Even though the NFL is conducting its own investigation, no formal charges have been filed. it’s possible that a suspension for violating their personal conduct policy could still come out of this.



Rusty Hardin, his lawyer has denied any wrongdoing, stating that all sexual interactions between Watson and the women were consensual.

As early as this offseason he asked to be traded and hasn’t relented even after the allegations came out. While he has reported to camp, he has not participated in any of the team’s activities.

Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor is expected to take Watson’s place in Week 1.

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