Zito Ogbonna launches foundation

 Zito Ogbonna launches foundation

Zito Ogbonna launches foundation, targets support for orphans, less privileged

An Israeli based ex-footballer and philanthropist, Ibezito Ogbonna popularly known as Zito has unveiled a non-for-profit organization called “Zito Ogbonna Family Foundation.”

The most anticipated launch and event were held at the Abuja on July 3, 2021, which recorded the presence of notable personalities, representatives from several public and private institutions within Nigeria and from across Africa.
According to the CEO, the foundation was launched on the premise of providing educational opportunities for out-of-school and in-school children, skill acquisition for youth, empowerment for widows, orphans, and less privileged persons across Nigeria.

The launch of the foundation witnessed a panel session made up of keynote speakers and notable personalities.
The panelists’ session recorded articulated and educative discussions with an extensive deliberation on notable topics, cutting across child education “What must be done”; restructuring education in rural areas, and cost of illiteracy in Nigeria among other things

After the discussant’s session, a proper unveiling of the foundation’s logo was launched amidst fireworks and eulogies for the initiative.
While making his official address at the event, Ibezito Ogbonna popularly known as ‘Zito’ passionately buttressed the need to support and lift Nigerians from poverty especially the orphans, less privileged persons, and widows.

Mr. Ibezito highlight the key objectives of the Zito Ogbonna Family Foundation
“A major objective of Zito Ogbonna Family Foundation (ZOFF) is welfare work in relation to poverty and disease or in respect to social groups such as the elderly or children. It will help groups of people to unite at a grassroots level and find their voice in local and national government”

Zito Ogbonna Family Foundation will help Provide scholarships/Financial help to poor rural/village people for their overall development.

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To provide help to people suffering from Natural calamities such as floods, motor accidents, etc.

To promote local initiative and problem solving. Through their work in a broad array of fields – environment, health, poverty alleviation, culture & the arts, education, etc.

In his words ” For me to get better, I have to make other people better themselves.
It is easy to manipulate an Illiterate because Education makes you reason while Illiteracy gives you reasons without reasoning.”

Zito Ogbonna Family Foundation recently cleared the total bill of Anastasia Amadi who had undergone thigh surgery in Abuja hospital.
In his word “Anastasia has been through some local treatment though wasn’t effective, doctors said her lower bones were growing thinner and need to undergo a surgery as soon as possible which would require ₦600,000 (six hundred thousand naira) she had a balance which the CEO Zito Ogbonna family foundation (ZOFF) Mr. Ibe Zito Ogbonna has provided, so she will be admitted into the hospital while the Doctors commence the process for the surgery. Please pray for the success of this Surgery”

He further introduced the motto of the foundation which is ZOFF! WE ROAR, WE CARE, WE SOAR!

Also speaking with guests and invitees at the event, they commended the founder, Zito Ogbonna Family Foundation for coming up with such a potentially impactful initiative, targeted at building bridges for underprivileged persons, providing hope to the hopeless, and suggesting sustainable pathways for the resuscitation of child related sectors in Nigeria.

Personal Profile of Mr Ibezito Ogbonna
Mr. Ibezito Ogbonna (Zito) is a renowned Nigerian Football Star who had a very successful football career internationally.

He was born on 23 March 1983 in Sokoto, Nigeria where he started playing soccer in his early days in secondary school. Although his parents wanted him to undergo tertiary education, he chose football because he knew he was talented and he strongly believed that football will make him a success in life.

Professional Football Career
Ibezito Ogbonna started his professional football career in Nigeria in 1998 with Sharks FC of Port Harcourt and Enugu Rangers under coaches late Shuaibu Amodu and Christian Chukwu.
From Nigeria, Zito played in Saudi Arabia, in Kuwait, and in Hapoel in Tel Aviv, Israel where his career as a soccer player blossomed tremendously.

Limelight, Success, and Highlights
In Hapoel, Tel Aviv, Israel, from 2003 to 2007, Zito made the most impact both as a football player and as a striker. His biggest highlights were: becoming a super sub fans’ favourite and scoring the winning goal in the extra time during the 2006 Israel Toto Cup against Vincent Enyeama’s Bnei Yehuda to win the title for the first time.

It is indeed in Hapoel, Tel Aviv, that Zito’s career blossomed. He had a very successful football career in Israel, where he became the fans’ favourite in one of the biggest clubs in Israel – Hapoel Tel Aviv – where he won several titles.

CFR Roumania
From Hapoel, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Zito moved to Romania for two seasons. In Romania, while he was practicing to play against the Panathinaikos club in Greece, he tore his Ligaments and was flown to Italy for knee surgery.

Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa
Playing with Kaizer Chiefs, in South Africa, after his Career in and Romania, Zito played for Kaizer Chief in Johannesburg, South African, a Premier League club in the country.
He made a huge impact in the first few games, in their mid-season.
He, however, started suffering from a knee injury barely three (3) months after arriving in South Africa for a two (2) years contract. His contract was shortened due to that.

Further clubs Experience
Form South Africa, Zito went on and played many in prominent clubs in Europe including, among others, FK Atyrau in Kazakhstan and FC Valda in Macedonia from 2011 to 2012.
Knee Injury and Difficult Times
Zito suffered from a knee Injury in 2007 and this has influenced his football career, especially after he left Israel. Although his tenures in Roumania and in South Africa have been paved with great successes, his knee injury did not allow him to fully enjoy his career since he had to undergo several knee surgeries. These injuries and surgeries affected his career. In 2012, as a result of these difficulties, Zito decided to put his brilliant and highly successful career on hold and trained to be a coach.

A Brilliant Come Back as A Football Coach and Football Agent
In 2015 Zito became a full-time coach and has been using this opportunity to give back to young footballers in soccer clinics. After successfully getting his coaching license from the Nigerian National Institute of Sports (NIS), in Lagos, he started working immediately. Through his coaching career, many football talents and clubs have been greatly benefited

from his talent. He is also into football players management working with partners to unearth talents and give them the much-needed direction. Just like his soccer career, his coaching experience stands a test of time. He discovered players in Nigeria and recommended them to some European agents.

He also took some players to Turkey, Kazakhstan, and the Gulf and he is happy most of the footballers he recommended, placed, and coached are now doing extremely well.

Humanitarian activities and Philanthropic Works
Zito is also into humanitarian activities as he owns a foundation where he helps the needy. His experience as a coach has been a tremendous one He is happy coaching young players and giving them the platform to achieve success just like he did.
Zito has been extensively involved in various philanthropic activities especially in Sokoto, Enugu, Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria, and several other places.
He has also been given cash to various people in need to start businesses as well as providing kits to young football players. has also been part of his philanthropic activities.

Moving to Israel.
Zito moved to Israel in 2017 where he is carrying out his coaching and philanthropic activities. He became an Israeli citizen in 2019 and he lives there with his wonderful family.

A Man with a Life of a Cat with Nine Lives
His life has been that of a cat with nine lives. He has had many encounters with death several times, but he came out of them alive and he would like to thank God for that. Armed robbers and kidnappers have had him in their car boots not once but several times. God was always been saving, loving, and being kind to him. He is therefore glad to be alive and to tell these stories. He has been rescued several times from car accidents. Of course, the last life-threatening experience he has and he would like to share was the Hamas bomb blast he survived in 2021. God is still saying lots to him.

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